Backup Internet Service


1 798 CZK

T-32 + DSL Backup

Download: 32Mbps
Upload: 24 Mbps
Setup: FREE

FREE Wi-Fi ROUTER 2,4+5Ghz
IPTV FOR 60 DAYS expands the connection possibilities by the "Backup Connection" tariff.

How does it work?

A "backup internet service" is a connection in which two or more independent data transfer paths are established to the user.

In the event that one route fails, the system automatically detects this and switches to a working route. To increase reliability this connection is using two different technologies. The main link is done by Pranet's high-speed wireless transmission, the back-up link is using DSL technology which is carried out over fixed telephone lines or via mobile LTE connection. provides stable and fast connection primarily in the capital city of Prague and its surrounding areas. Our technicians will arrange, set up, install and prepare everything for active operation.

In the event of line failure, we follow the rules for the purchased tariff.
Fast main connection and backup connection are offered in one package at a discounted price.

Order "Backup Connection" today.

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