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Wireless Connection

  1. highly stable connection without data limits
  2. high upload speed
  3. priority phone support
  4. express service if necessary
  5. Dual-Band WiFi router (2,4 + 5GHz) for free
  6. ability to backup DSL or LTE connections
Monthly Payment
Annual Subscription


10 Mbps Mb
20 Mbps Mb



80 Mbps Mb
80 Mbps Mb



60 Mbps Mb
50 Mbps Mb



40 Mbps Mb
30 Mbps Mb



24 Mbps Mb
16 Mbps Mb



16 Mbps Mb
8 Mbps Mb


Connection tailored to your needs

  1. guaranteed speed 24/7
  2. backup of connectivity from to independent datacenters
  3. Fixed Public IPv4 for free
  4. non-stop active supervision, immediate service
  5. guarenteed service avaliability in 99,9% (SLA)
  6. ability to back up DSL or LTE connections


10 Mbps
1000 Mbps
10 Mbps


10 Mbps
1000 Mbps
10 Mbps

Price per Month

from 900 to 1800 CZK


Prices are informative and do not include VAT. We will process your specific offer gladly.


How can I measure the speed of internet connection?

There are many speed meters available on the internet. One of the most reliable is here: http://speedtest.net/

I can’t send emails from Outlook.

If you cannot send emails from Outlook, Thunderbird, etc., you probably do not have the right outgoing mail server set up in your account. Your outgoing mail server (SMTP) must be set on the server of your mailbox provider. For example, Seznam mail service has outgoing server smtp.seznam.cz. For specific setting guidance, see provider’s respective Help menu.

I have chosen connection with free installation, will I still pay something for the setup?

For tariffs where the installation is free of charge, you really do not pay anything for the setup if the service is used for at least one year. We will provide you all necessary equipment for internet connection free of charge and connect you for free as well. An extra payment may be charged only in case of complex installations or need of additional material.

For home wireless connection you indicate a fee for the device rental. What is covered in this lump sum?

Connection devices rental fee includes all hardware necessary for signal reception (antenna + power supply) including data cable. This monthly fee includes an unlimited warranty and free service for the duration of the contract.

I did not receive my bill for the service.

Invoices are automatically issued at the beginning of the month. If your invoice has not arrived, check if it is not in your spam folder for some reason. An overview of downloadable invoices is also available at portal.pranet.cz. You’ll find the login information in your contract or it can be sent to your e-mail.

I will move, can I transfer the services to another user?

Yes. In case of any request for contract change, please write to ucetni@pranet.cz.

I believe that I have paid everything, yet I have been notified of an unpaid invoice.

Please check if your payment has been released in time with the correct variable symbol. The variable symbol is your customer number listed on the contract and is the same for all your bills. An overview of downloadable invoices is available at portal.pranet.cz. You’ll find the login information in your contract or it can be sent to your e-mail.

What is aggregation?

The aggregation indicates how many users overall share your speed (aggregation 1: 4 means that maximally 3 other users are sharing connection speed with you). Assuming that all sharing users fully use the network at the same time, your maximum speed at that moment would be proportional according to your aggregation. Consequently, the connection speed depends mainly on how many users share the connection at a given moment and how intensively they use it (how much of its capacity).

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