Mobile Services

Since 2014, we are one of virtual operators in T-mobile network. Take advantage of low-priced calls within the Czech Republic starting at 1 CZK per minute and favorable price of international calls.

The service can be ordered by phone, you’ll get you SIM by post or can be picked up at our office at Struhařovská 2931/9, Prague 4.

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What else can we offer?



from 98 CZK / month
up to 200 programs
without setup fees

Other services

Data circuits
Connecting VPN branches
Wired LAN network


Top antivirus Bitdefender
No impact on speed
Anti-malware protection


Why to get Pranet mobile?

We are a new mobile operator offering calls and SMS for great prices.

What is the cost of MMS and other services?

Complete price list incl. MMS and international calls can be donwloaded here in pdf format.

How is your signal coverage?

Pranet mobil is a virtual operator using the network of T-mobile a.s. covering whole Czech Republic.

How can I contact you?

From Pranet mobile network use customer Line 4488 or call 245 008 873. Alternatively, you can contact us via email

Are the rates in your price list with or without VAT?

All prices indicated on our website or in promotional materials are including VAT.

What SIM card formats do you offer?

You will get a nano SIM card with adapter for micro and mini format so it will fit to all types of phones.

What should I do after entering wrong PIN or PUK?

If you enter the PIN code incorrectly three times in a row the SIM card gets automatically blocked. To unblock your SIM card, enter the correct PUK code. If you enter a wrong PUK code ten times in a row your SIM card gets permanently blocked. Contact us for further action.

How often do I need to recharge my account?

You don’t need to recharge. This is not a prepaid service. We’ll invoice you on monthly basis according to amount of minutes and SMS utilized in previous month.

How can I get my call log?

Call log and other information about your active service is available online in your customer account. Call log is continuously updated (few minutes delay) allowing full control of called minutes.

What‘s the speed of the internet connection? What happens after the data package is depleted?

Maximum speed of internet connection is 20Mbit/s. It depends on many aspects (signal strength, current usage of transmitter etc.). In our network it is also possible to activate LTE data for 20 CZK per month. After depleting the data pacakge the FUP will apply and speed will decrease to 16 kbps.

Is it possible to send premium SMS?

Yes. Premium SMS for payment of transport tickets, DMS and other payments can be activated.

Will my mobile banking work with your SIM card?

Within our service, your internet banking will work with no issues on smartphones with Symbian, Windows, Android, or Apple iOS. The SIM cards however do not support GSM banking which is part of O2, Vodafone or T-Mobile SIM Toolkit. Though such way of communication with the bank is outdated and not much used.

Can I bring my current phone number and how much is it?

In order to transfer your phone number to our network just ask your current operator to generate so-called ČVOP number (termination ref. number of the abandoned operator). Please send this number to and we will take care of the rest.

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